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    Event Reviews

"Amber is very good at your job and it came through in the way you took care of the planning and execution of our event. We will likely return. I even had folks take me aside to comment how friendly the service staff was – heard comments that folks wished more service individuals were like those who worked our event last night. Troy Burne's Event Coordinator & Head Chef were top knotch with the planning and execution of the event." - Treena (Corporate Seminar/Social)

"The space was completely ready by the time we arrived. Everything went as planned. When I had an issue with the microphone (operator error) Amber was right there to assist me in getting it working. The staff was friendly, quick and kept the overall area clean from the dirty plates and glasses. Amber far exceeds expectations as an event coordinator. Her attention to detail is grand and her great personality makes her easy to work with. Thank you Amber for coordinating a well-organized, elegant seminar space for our company. You make us look good!" - April (Corporate Seminar/Social)

"The venue was Fabulous! The event was well organized and went great! Very friendly and supportive staff! Food was outstanding! Coordinators and Managers did a fantastic job! - Pat (Charitable Golf Outing)

"Everything was awesome!!!" - Joe (Corporate Golf Outing)

"Troy Burne is an extraordinary, awesome site, great service, and always well done. We had a great event with no complaints. Staff were very respectful and served well. The food was great. The Event Manager and Head Chef are very friendly and always wanting to serve us well. Amber thanks so much for a great event. We love coming to Troy each year for our banquet. Dave and you make us feel so welcome and cared for." - Craig (High School Golf Banquet)

"The venue met all of our needs and expectations, was set up great - it is a beautiful venue. Our guests love it at Troy Burne. Very well organized. Some of my coworkers get anxious on certain details but I remind them that TB has it handled. Or if there are last minute changes, TB staff is very accommodating. The service/bar staff were very friendly and polite. They did a great job for our guests and our Renodis team. Making sure everyone had a drink or food. Food was great! Everyone enjoyed the boxed lunches and the items during the reception. The Event Manager & Head Chef are Superstars! They made it so easy for us to have our event at TB. They both were very accommodating. We couldn’t be happier." - Heather (Corporate Outing)


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